Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The day there was an Eclipse....

a Twilight Eclipse that is.  No I haven't seen it yet.  I'm not one of those "crazy" girls who stands in line to go see midnight showings (and not just because it was sold out....yeah we'll go with that) but let's be honest...I don't mind me some Edward and Jacob...(ahh.....Jacob....)
Here we are just hanging out...

Twilight fever has definitely struck the heart of Utah. Fun fact time: the top 5 most sold out and most viewed showings of Eclipse were ALL in Utah.....NATIONWIDE people!!!  On Saturday at work I was having an awful day.  My sales sucked and I was just wanting to go home (I was also only supposed to work a 5 hour shift but was asked to close).  Around 3:00 I had 2 girls come in and ask if I could do make up on them.  I get asked this almost every time I work however this request was a bit different...
They were going to a Twilight party....and girl #1 needed to have vampire make up.  Girl #2 was wondering if I could do "werewolf" make up because she is "TOTALLY Team Jacob".  I looked to the heavens and just knew some one up there was laughing.  I did my best and they both left happy as could be.
I however had this text conversation with my Dad:

Me: You do realize I would have been done an hour ago...and my sales SUCK today
Dad: Four Words.  Money in the bank.  Hang in there.  It will get better.
Me: Three Words.  Not enough money.  And I'm not so sure it will...the only thing I've really done is vampire make up on 2 girls for a Twilight party....shoot me now.
Dad: Three words.  Better than zero.
Me: Two words.  Vampire make-up.

I am looking forward to seeing the movie.  Some burning questions I hope are answered are:
1. Did Kristin Stewart finally learn how to act?
2. Did the guys in the werewolf pack finally take a page of of Jacob's book and work out? I mean c'mon is there such a thing as a flabby werewolf?

I would be happy if they could just get Jasper's hair right. Here he is looking like Natalie Portman.

(And yes to answer your question....Jasper's hair has been a serious in-depth conversation in our house since the first movie)

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Jen said...

i love that you put your face in that picture. it's in true vanessa fashion too - smiling and beautiful.

i wish i lived there because i would totally throw some commission your way!! next time in in UT i'll be sure to swing by.

also - still waiting on that call.....


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