Saturday, December 6, 2008

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I never update my blog anymore, reasons for this neglect include:
1. I work too much
2. We do not currently have internet at home
3. I work a lot
4. No one reads my blog anyway
5. My life is boring and I don't go anywhere because....
6. I am always working

I had probably the worst night ever at the hospital on Thursday night. The worst part about it was that I wasn't even scheduled to work...I picked up a instead of feeling like I wanted to take a needle and stab my (or someone else who shall remain nameless) eye out- I could have been home watching other FAKE people's hospital drama like on ER or Grey's Anatomy.
Very exasperating.
On another work note...I don't know if I posted this spring but I have many (mis) fact that should probably be the title of my blog "The Many (Mis) Adventures of Vanessa"- a lot of these misadventrues happen when I am working at the salon for some reason and usually involves me doing something I am not a. particularly skilled in and b. is not in my job description- and for some reason it usually involves being outside. (Previous misadventures include watering the flowers here a work and oh yeah...the slight incident involving the balcony that we aren't talking about anymore....).
I digress.
So this morning we got our first real big SNOW which is cool- except when you have to walk/drive in it. And it is only pretty for like 12.4 minutes and then it ends up being brown and dirty and your feet are always cold and the bottom of your jeans are wet- I have mixed feelings about snow. I know you are thinking "On with the effin story already" which reminds me...I should probably be tested for ADD.
Ok so for real this time. We got our first snow and I went into work at the salon. Well with snow also comes the possibiliy of slipping and increasing the amount of possible injury. We don't like that because we don't want to be responsible. So...I volunteered (as always...before thinking) to salt outside. Well I had to shovel the fallen snow first. I go out and let me tell you- my hair looked ADORABLE today (if I do say so myself) and I forgot to put on socks with my super cute flats (ok maybe I didn't actually forget but socks would have ruined the outfit)- so I went out sans socks on my feet and my super cute "I'm about to get ruined by falling wet snow" hair and started shoveling. My nose started running, my hair got flat, my feet got cold, and I as usual was wondering why these things happen when a guy (namely my boss's son) isn't around to do it for me. Oh well.
Also at work today I heard the song "Feliz Navidad". I hate that song. "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad prospero ano y felicidad...I wanna wish you a merry christmas, I wanna wish you a merry christmas, I wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart". There were all the words to that song. Repeat 50 billion times and then slash your wrists. Stupid stupid song. It sucks you into this vortex and it pulls you in with it's false promises of being fun and cultural, when in reality the song ends and you wonder why on earth you just wasted 3 minutes of your life listening to it. It sneaks up on you everytime with no warning. And all it takes is the first 4 seconds to play and you have it in your head ALL DAY. Like I do now because I was talking about it.
I think I'm getting grumpy.
I need a nap.
One of the other side effects of working too much.

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