Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bromance and New Years

So I started watching a new show on Mondays. I had to find one to fill the void that the season finale of "The Hills" would inevitably cause. And boy did I find a fabulous replacement.


I admit...if you are looking for a show that makes you look smart...this is NOT the show for you. It is completely shallow and ridiculous.
And that is why I love it.
The other reason why I love it just might have something to do with

Brody Jenner

Son of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner.
And the new object of my affection.
I first loved Brody on "The Hills". Now he is looking for a new guy to add to his group of "Home Boys". Kind of like the male version of "Paris Hilton: My New BFF".
Bromance noun: 1.Describes the complicated love and affection between two straight males. 2. an emotional attraction between two "bros". Often the attraction is expressed physically through wrestling, nuggies, and headlocks. 3. This bond is usually only shared between two males who have a deeper understanding of each other in a way no woman could ever realize.
(*Urban dictionary)
The guys on this show are hilarious. It fills a one hour vapid void in my life. I love it.
Anyway....Happy New Year! Welcome 2009! I'll be thinking about all of you out celebrating and singing and kissing while I am at work....probably wiping someone.

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