Saturday, December 20, 2008

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Can I just start out by saying that I have never quite understood why that song is considered a Christmas song? Could someone explain it to me please?

Moving right along with today's topic.
I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things.

1. This journal set from Pottery Barn. I heart it. And I want it.

2. Mary Kay skin care line

I have been using Proactiv for years now and I do love it but my skin has NEVER looked better than it does right now. It is soft and smooth and clear and my make up goes on so great. Seriously love love love it. I pay less money than I do for Proactiv AND it helps prevent skin aging. Awesome.

3. Saturday Night Live

more specifically Kristin Wiig. I adore her.

Here are some of my favorite clips of hers. They will have you cracking up.


judy grimes:i'm just kidding


pony express

suze orman

4. Old Navy peacoats

I bought a peacoat. The one in the picture is blue. Mine is pink. I love it.

5. Tiffany Notes Pendant

There is really no explanation needed.

6. Brothers in Santa hats.

Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit!

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