Friday, August 1, 2014

New Home Shopping

I both love and hate moving.  Hate for the obvious reasons....packing, cleaning, hauling things (basically labor in general)
BUT I LOVE shopping for a new home.  Deciding the new set up of your ideas to decorate....pinning things to your Pinterest board....
Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, Pottery Barn....all these catalogs are like pornography for me. My heart literally starts racing faster as I thumb through the pages and ideas start jumping at me.
My hands are sweating just typing this.

I thought I would share some ideas and things that I'm currently loving.


                                    L to R:  Owl Container - ModCloth {here}
                                                 Owl Bath Mat - ModCloth {here}
                                                 Shower Caddy - ModCloth {here}
                                                 Owl Toothbrush Tree - ModCloth {here}
                                                 Falling Petals Shower Curtain - Macy's {here}
                                                Acrylic Lipstick Organizer - The Container Store {here}

Some of these I have actually already bought....and yes I clearly have an obsession with owls.  I just love quirky little things to make your bathroom fun and organized. 


         L to R:    Loving Room Pillow - ModCloth {here}
                                                      Hello Pillow - ModCloth {here}
                                                      Sloth Pillow - ModCloth {here}
                                                      Inspired Pillow - ModCloth {here}
                                                      Wandering Star Pillow - Anthropologie {here}
                                                      Feline Pillow - ModCloth {here}

I'm a sucker for a decorative pillow.  Pretty ones, funny name it.  Love.


 L to R:     Memorable Style Frame - ModCloth {here}
                                                Beach Radio - Anthropologie {here}
                                                Touching Memories Frame - ModCloth {here}
                                                Pomdelion Bouquet - Anthropologie {here}

I love little accents in the bedroom.  Fun kitschy things.  I like the idea of a vintage radio on a vanity next to fun little pom pom flowers.  Unique.  Things people notice that make your bedroom different. 


                                     L to R:   Sweet Almond and Macaroon Candle - Jo Malone {here}
                                                  Peony and Blush Suede Candle - Jo Malone {here}
                                                  Just Picked Candle Tins - Anthropologie {here}
                                                  Peach Cilantro Twist Candle - Bath and Body Works {here}
                                                  Capri Blue Swirled Jar Candle - Anthropologie {here}
                                                  Rosette Glow String Lights - Target {here}
                                                  PS Maskros Light - Ikea {here}
                                                  Kristaller Light - Ikea {here}

I love candles.  They are so relaxing.  I have about a billion candles at any one time and I'll just turn off the lights and watch a movie with the candles and it's seriously like heaven.  Also.....chandeliers.....I there anything more cozy or romantic?

I'm also pinning ideas like crazy on Pinterest.  If you're a Pinterest can follow me and share all your amazing decorating ideas with me....I need them!

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