Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Lost My Head and Left My Heart In San Francisco

I thought I'd give you an update on the last couple of weeks!  I took a much needed break from life and took a road trip with my family to California.  My Oma and Opa and several of my family members live right outside the San Francisco area and we decided to visit.  It was MARVELOUS.  There's something about the ocean that I could just be lost in forever.  It centers me in some weird way.  My sister was able to come down from Seattle and we had the best time.  I'm so grateful for my family and for the ties that bind me here on this funny place called Earth.

Here's some pictures of all the fun!

Day 1 San Francisco
San Francisco is my favorite city in the world and it did not disappoint! kind of did.....I will now present you with the saddest story in the world.
The day was beautiful, sunny, perfect temperatures.  When we went to go see the Golden Gate Bridge it turned cloudy, rainy, and foggy.  You couldn't even see it at all which was so sad.  The End.
We did go to Golden Gate park though and see the Japanese tea garden which was gorgeous!

 Sea Lions on Fisherman's Wharf

 Golden Gate Bridge


 Sad Golden Gate Bridge that you can't even see :(

Loved the stairs at the Golden Gate Bridge though.  "Welcome" in all languages.

 Family fun in the Japanese tea garden

I've decided to cut down on how many pictures you have to scroll through at once (I don't want to turn into your grandparents making you watch slides of their vacation) I will separate this trip into 3 different posts.  
That way you have something to look forward're looking forward to it right?....RIGHT?!
I thought so.

1 comment:

A Girl, The World. said...

Oh i'd love to visit San Francisco! I hear so many wonderful things about that place :)
It's a shame the weather turned bad..
Love, V xx

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