Monday, February 7, 2011

blah blah blah

I know I promised so many promises.....and I will follow through with them (unlike Zack Morris who never followed through with his promise to marry me....)

Unfortunately it may be delayed for awhile.  Work is currently sucking my life away because we are in gift at Lancome.  It's a filthy hot mess and I only have 1 day off of work a week until the 21st.  My body really  misses my lazy Mondays watching Modern Family and not showering.  I'm realizing now how spoiled I've been having 3 days off a week.

This last week has had me pondering....
1. Is it really necessary to work?  I mean what does it really prove?  That you can pass a job interview?
2. Is Michelle on The Bachelor actually a gypsy?  Because that is the only reason she should still be on the show.
3. How does Nordstrom cafe make the best sandwich known to man?  Chicken Basil deliciousness I want you every day.
4. When is Justin Timberlake finally going to just marry me? Then I wouldn't have to work.  I could lay by my pool with a big sunhat and sunglasses drinking a Mojito while someone else reads to me.
5. Why do I watch HGTV?  It's such a horrible habbit.

Hopefully answers are to come.  Until then...I leave you with this.  The single most wonderful number Glee has ever performed.  You're welcome.

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