Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lessons I Learned in 2014

I've been reflecting a lot on what I've learned over the last year.  2013 was a tough year for me and I promised myself that in 2014 I would change a lot.  And I learned many important lessons:

  • There is no occasion that doesn't call for red lipstick
  • You can live without Diet Coke (I know....I know)
  • Sometimes you just need to spend an entire day watching terrible movies on Hallmark
  • You will not laugh as much with anyone as you do with your family
  • It's important to be thrifty and save money...but never buy cheap foundation, sheets, or razors.
  • Don't invest time in people who won't do the same for you
  • Take a selfie.  Post it.  Who cares what anyone else thinks.
  • Window seats and rainy days are the beginnings of a perfect day
  • Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures
  • People will always make assumptions about you and most of them will be wrong but you don't have to defend yourself to anyone
I think the biggest lesson I learned and change I made was learning to invest in myself.  I'm a firm believer in the fact that we can't really ever be happy until we love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are.  I don't think we should be complacent because I think we should always be improving ourselves.  This does not mean we will be perfect.  We have flaws....I certainly do.  I love things too much.  I let things hurt me too deeply.  I sing to Taylor Swift songs way too loud.  I look at pictures of sloths too much.
Just to name a few.
But our flaws are what make us who we are.  Because I love things too much I am able to accept other people's flaws, I might get hurt deeply but at least it means I'm sensitive and I care, and if listening to a Taylor Swift song too loud is the worst thing I do...then I think I'm doing ok.
I embraced my flaws this year and changed the things I wanted to change.  I became more confident and comfortable with who I am and mostly....I learned to love myself.  I started becoming a person that I'm proud of.  A person I would want to be friends with.
That is what I would challenge everyone to do.  Get to know yourself.  Embrace who you are.  Change the things you aren't proud of. becomes so much more beautiful when you do this...I promise.
As for the sloths....I can't defend it...but I probably also won't stop it.
Haters gonna hate.

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