Wednesday, February 12, 2014

iPhone Life

So this weekend completely got away from me and I have nothing to share with you.  Between work, moving back into my apartment, and friends....I've been quite busy.  I'll share with you a quick update in iPhone picture does that sound?

 I organized all my lip products (this was a big deal for me)

My parents' new dog Pippin was kind of adorable 

I wore tennis shoes with no socks because YOLO (I hate myself)

We put my friend Jodi in the trunk (*she was fine **she wasn't in there for very long ***do not call the police)


Much feelings

I drank tea and watched the Saved By The Bell Wedding.  It was a good day my friends.

I went and saw "American Hustle".  Bought these sunglasses.  It's like a thing now.


This is a real conversation I had with a guy who I had been chatting with for literally 15 minutes.  This is your warning to never download Tinder.  

And that's about it so far this month!  Also I should let you guys know now that I did film my Valentine's make up tutorial HOWEVER my editing software is not working so as soon as I figure that out I will have it edited and posted but it may become a "romantic night out" video instead of a Valentine's video. I think we can all be ok with that right???

Update me on your lives and seriously please do not download Tinder.

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